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CTD’s Brand New Enrichment Classes hosted at Kidville, Hoboken (New Jersey)

Connect the Dots OT (CTD OT)  is a pediatric sensory integration clinic that was first established in New York in 2005 and expanded to Hudson County, NJ in 2017. Occupational therapy is a health profession in which therapists help individuals to do and engage in the specific activities (AKA “Occupations”)  that make up daily life. CTD has been providing occupational therapy services to NYC families and schools for the past 13 years, but Marianne Rho  (the owner and founder of CTD) has lived in Hoboken for 10 years and has been in love with the community and town ever since! Marianne now wants to share the best of CTD to our Hoboken families in Kidville utilizing her background as both a mom to a 4 year old and her 20 years of OT experience, by introducing a brand new line up of enrichment classes!

Pre-Writers Club (Ages 3-4) This class is perfect for children just starting to show interest in drawing and writing, or for those who need some extra support. Kids will be learning the correct method of holding pencils and the correct directionality of letters by using a play-based curriculum that not only includes learning the mechanics of writing letters, but also alphabet and number recognition, fine motor skills, and cognitive skills. The earlier we teach children to master handwriting, the more likely they are able to be confident writers throughout their academic years!

Writer’s Club (Ages 5-7):   This club is for our K and First Grade students who are now writing letters on their own. This is the perfect stage to first introduce or reinforce the many components of writing, such as the direction they produce letters, landing letters on the line, proper use of upper vs lower case and overall sizing and placement of letters on a page.  The focus of this class is to make writing easier so that school work is enjoyable and not laborious!

Tummy Club: Tummy Club encourages healthy developmental growth in all domains of motor skills, visual processing and sensory processing skills.  Parents and caregivers will learn how to challenge babies as their strength increases and learn strategies on what to do when babies resists tummy time. Social Foodies Club™️:

Our social based communal meals help expose different combinations of food to kids while encouraging food positivity. Every week we use a different recipe filled with fun fine motor activities all based on books with silly food themes!Gymbilities: Gymbilities is designed to give children who have special needs and unique abilities a chance to experience the sport of gymnastics and all it has to offer. Gymbilities will provide your child with the opportunity to engage his or her sensory system in a safe environment and learn valuable lessons in following directions, safety awareness, and an overall sense of inclusion in the community.Superhero’s Core Training Club: These occupational therapy led classes involve yoga poses, balancing activities and other strengthening techniques. Become part of our Superhero Club and help your child develop their coordination and strength in a fun creative way!

Location: Kidville Hoboken 1202 Shipyard Ln, Hoboken, NJ 07030  

If you’re interested in any of the classes, let us know by emailing

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