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Connect the Dots and Music Together NYC!

🌟We're so excited to welcome back Music Together in the City into our Connect The Dots OT, PLLC family!!!!!!! Music Together gives children and their families the opportunity to make music while enjoying quality time together.🌟 Please join us to experience the magic that comes when music and family time is combined. Established in New York City, Music Together is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on! This class is for kids ages 0-5 years old.

Join us on January 6th at 10am for a FREE demo class❗️❗️ Location: 38 W. 32nd St. #604 NY, NY 10001 Email to sign up!🌟 Website:

Ongoing classes are scheduled for Mondays at 10am! *CTD has been established since 2005, collaborating and connecting the dots though Occupational Therapy Evaluations and Therapy sessions throughout NYC and Hudson County, New Jersey. *

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