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Instagram Tag-a-Friend Giveaway Sunday 05/10 at 3 PM!!

We've been researching and curating our Remote Learning Survival Kits for the past few weeks and they are almost ready for you all!

We KNOW how unique these times have been and even more difficult with our added chaos at home for those of us with work, kids, or just our typical day-to-day challenges! Not only are we parents, we are suddenly now a teacher AND a therapist for our kids. So, after hearing all the struggles, we curated these Remote Learning Survival Kits to mail directly to your homes, to save you from having to browse endlessly through Amazon, waiting on shipping delays, or scrambling through stores in person, trying to find the tools your child needs in order to have a successful online school/therapy day.

It's the ultimate Mother's Day Gift, the lifeline of a (strange) lifetime, and you'll feel like a SUPERHERO when you show your child all of the fun and great new supplies they'll have to show their teachers and therapists next time they're online! In addition, you will receive access to Therapeutic Activities using these tools, created specifically by our CTD DIrector, a pediatric OT with over 20 years experience!

Sales will be starting next week on our website, and we're giving our current CTD clients 10% off with this code: CTDROCKS

About these KITS:

Parents can purchase any of our 4 kits, geared towards Pre-K or School Age children, Basic and The Works. Your child will unpack Basic supplies like markers, scissors, glue sticks, paint, and several other items. The Deluxe includes Play Foam, Whiteboard and erasable marker, Reusable Worksheet Folder, Fidget tools,craft supplies, stickers, so much more!


In the meantime before we launch our online store, we're giving away TWO kits: a "Basics Pre-K" kit and "Basics School-Aged" kit to two lucky families. All you have to do is go to our Instagram (@ctdtherapy) on Sunday, May 10th at 3 pm and follow the rules of our Giveaway.

Click here to visit our Instagram:

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